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Outstanding Paint: Best Look®

Best Look® Paint and Primer in one is an ultra-premium paint that furnishes an excellent appearance in scrubbability, stain resistance, and hide.  This brand can be applied directly to previously painted surfaces or uncoated drywall without a primer, making your paint project hasty and hassle-free.  Let Best Look® Paint and Primer transfer your room into a personal style of color and lasting elegance.


Best look paint

Interior Best Look® Paint

  • Excellent hide, adhesion, and stamina
  • Great scrubbability and washability
  • Stain resisting
  • Easy application and clean up
  • Lifetime warranty

Selected and Approved interior uses: Drywall, plaster, masonry, bare wood, paneling, cabinets and trim, and also previously painted surfaces.
Observed: Although a primer is not necessary, using two coats of Best Look paint and Primer in One Interior paint is recommended when painting over uncoated surfaces and when using vibrant or dark colors.  Use dark base coat primer under recommended colors to reduce the number of topcoats needed.

Best look paint

Best Look® Interior Kitchen & Bath Paint

  • Available in semi-gloss and gloss
  • Mildew and stain resistant coatings
  • Protects against moisture
  • Excellent scrubbability and washability
  • Smooth, rich finish
  • Hard, durable coating

best look paint

Exterior Best Look® Paint

  • Premium 100% acrylic latex
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Low-temperature application down to 35 degrees F.
  • Protects against damage from sunlight, stains, and dirt
  • Lifetime warranty

Approved exterior uses: Vinyl and aluminum siding, wood and trim, stucco, masonry, cement composition siding, galvanized metal, and previously painted surfaces.
Notice: Apply two coats of Best Look® Paint and Primer in One Exterior Paint.  For best results, utilize the recommended primer for the specific surface application.

Self-Priming Paint: Color Solutions®

Color Solutions® Interior and Exterior Paint is a prime paint that provides variety, efficiency and delightful color in a steady enduring finish.  This paint distributes good hide, stain resistance, washability and is backed by our satisfaction guarantee! Color Solutions® Self-Priming Paint tailors to your style and streamlines your painting activity.

color solutions paint

Interior Color Solutions® Paint

exterior color solutions paint

Exterior Color Solutions® Paint

Bring your color ideas to existence with Best Look® or Color Solutions® Paints.  With the large-scale Do it Best Quality Paints® color palette, with over one thousand new colors, you can spot the exact color for every paint adventure in your home. 
When you start your next paint project, call us for nearly all of your painting needs!